Importance Of AMP In A Blog – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Hello blogger, Today I am here to tell you an awesome tip that could make your blog rank #1 on Google. Well, the topic is all about the importance of AMP- Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Importance Of AMP In Your Blog

This makes a web page more optimized for mobile viewing and as a result, it could rank higher in search results. It is just like Googleweblight technology which makes it easier to browse a website in a slow network. But, Googleweblight could not improve your SEO but AMP could.

So, let’s talk about this awesome topic today the importance of amp and make your blog rank higher.

What Is AMP?

AMP - accelerated mobile pages

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are optimized web pages which will load faster in any network conditions. These type of web pages will have a lightning sign on Google search results. These could also help that web page rank higher in Google search results because Google wants their users to have a good experience.

We can implement or use Accelerated Mobile Pages on our website or blog by adding some snippets to the HTML of our web page. In WordPress, you can enable this in one-click and no need to edit the source code.

How To Implement AMP On Our Website Or Blog?

It’s actually really easy if our website is hosted on WordPress but when it comes to other ways, we need to edit the source code. A person with no idea about HTML could make many mistakes while implementing AMP, so for them, it will be really hard.

By the above paragraph itself, you could understand that why WordPress is always the best. I suggest you migrate to WordPress or create a new self-hosted WordPress blog.

On Blogger aka Blogspot, it is not possible to add AMP because this platform has many limitations. Now to the point. You can implement Accelerated Mobile Pages to your website by the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Start Building”.
  3. Below “Getting Started With AMP”, there will be 3 links, click on them and follow the ways correctly.

Importance of AMP for Ranking Higher In Google

The importance of amp is on mobile devices. After implementing AMP on your website or blog, Google will rank your it as these pages could load easily. Well, simply adding this could not help you rank because the content matters the most. Your website or blog wants to meet the correct information for what users search for.

The only thing you have to do is just add AMP and write content worthy posts with good Title and Meta Tags. Read more about SEO on our blog to optimize your blog.


If you are a blogger and trying to rank higher, I suggest you use AMP on your blog. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a must factor for all blogs.

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3 thoughts on “Importance Of AMP In A Blog – Accelerated Mobile Pages”

  1. Mobile users spend hours & hours a day on their smartphones and they certainly won’t surf your pages and its content if your user interface (UX) is slow-loading, clunky, and not finger-friendly. This is great; I don’t understand before if mobile phone today is the essential factor for our SEO campaign, I think I am late for optimizing my blog for mobile phone, AMP intended to increase speed and reduce loading time on mobile devices. This should get your content up and run as AMP, although since the WP plugin is still underdeveloped, keep in mind that there may be obstacles to implementing or modifying pages and the time that they presented on the AMP network.

    AMP is a blessing for both users and website owners. AMP is indirectly a search ranking factor as it helps in an accelerated loading of a web page. The visitors tend to click more on AMPs as compared to regular pages. AMP plugin also provides the options to configure your HTML for Google Adsense. Thus it’s an excellent opportunity of making money through Fast AMP Enabled WordPress Sites.

    I implemented AMP on my WordPress site, but after applying it, my website table in the post is showing irresponsive. Without AMP it shows responsive. I really guess someone should work on that. The HTML pages should have extra markup for this addon to transform them into AMP pages. If you know someone master with such a tool, please let us know or you can post more about it on your site. I have bookmarked.

  2. Nice blog!! Thanks for sharing it, it’s really helpful. I know the best blog where you can learn about How to implement AMP. AMP was built for publishers, and publishers still make up a vital chunk of AMP content out there.


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