Generate Huge Profits From Facebook Ads Campaign

Do you have a Facebook Page? Then this article is for you. In this article, we will be talking about Running a 100% profitable Facebook ads campaign. Top 50 tactics to drive more traffic that leads to more sales for your product. Let’s dive into the topic in detail.

Generate Huge Profits From Facebook Ads


Running a Facebook ad campaign is not that easy as it seems. I have to spend a lot of money advertising on Facebook. You should not make these mistakes that I have made on my starting days. Do you know most of your Ad Campaigns are not getting a good result, this is because you don’t spend much time on creating the ad campaign? People mostly use their mobile devices or just create an ad straight from their Facebook Page. This is not a good practice, you won’t be getting a good result from your ads if you do so. Facebook ads by default charge you for impressions too and this could end up in you being charged more. If you are Boosting for Engagement make sure that you are not charged for an impression. Now let’s talk about the methods for reducing the cost per engagement. Wondering how?

Run Profitable Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns charge you for even an Impression!!!! So the first thing to do is to adjust the settings so that you won’t be charged for impressions. If you think that this is a waste of time and you run ads using Facebook default settings then I would be saying that you are wasting your money. You would be getting 57% more profit if you follow these steps. So what are these steps that I am talking on? Let’s take a look at them.

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Before we jump into these steps I do have to add few more lines. You would be knowing that the Cost for each engagement for a Facebook Ads changes from country to country. Actually, it is not the country that matters but it is the currency that causes this problem. It takes way more money to get US based audiences than in India. Now its simple, you could run ads considering the currency value of each country. I have been continuously testing this by running multiple Ad campaigns and came to a conclusion. We would be talking about these conclusions in detail.

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This would Work for sure

First of all, let me list out the countries that could bring profits to your Ad Campaign. After running a few ads for our page I found that Running ads in these countries could bring more result to the campaign. The cost per engagement for these countries are way lower than you think. Few steps that you take could reduce the advertising cost insanely.

I would be advertising for more engagements, that is page likes. All the settings that I show would be related to the niche blogging so if you should be careful in creating your audience.


These methods are those that I personally use in my ad campaign to get the best results.

Angola: Maxico, Moxico (+25 mi) Moxico Province, Cameroon, Algeria, Ghana, India, Libya, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, South Africa

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These countries are those which I use in my ad campaigns. Why these countries? I have mentioned the answer in the above lines. Its because the rate for each engagement is low for these countries.


This Audience that I have created for my niche had a potential to reach over 340,000,000 people. My daily budget was just 1.50$ or 100 Rs and it gave me a huge result.

Do have more images for your Ads

Don’t just create one ad view create 5-6 of them with good images that suit your niche. Sutter stock provides free images without watermarks for Facebook ads you could select them within your ad no need to download them separately. You could use these and analyze which ad view bring more results and you could use it in the future. You would be given a complete analysis data of the ads you just have to use them.

Write Catching description

Your description is what others see and that’s how they understand what your page is all about. Facebook advertises the contents that you provide to people it’s your job to make the people like your page, post etc. This could be done using a good catching description.

Do you want to know my Results after a Campaign?

My Facebook ads where well created and was well optimized. I got really good results after running the ad for one day. The result for one day was near twice the money I spend. Can’t believe, but you have to. If you spend your time and create an awesome ad campaign it would definitely give you a good result.

I spent a 100 Rs (1.50$) and got over 1000 people to reach and about 200 page likes with over 1200 impressions per day. This is a good result if you run Facebook ads using the default setting you would not get a result near to this. So if you are thinking of advertising on Facebook then don’t forget to apply these tips that would bring you a good result.

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