Top 20 SEO Techniques that Works Quickly on 2020

Do you wish to get more organic traffic? Do you wish to rank higher in search? Well, then you are in the right place. Today we would be discussing the top 20 SEO techniques by which you could rank higher on Google and have a huge organic traffic. This techniques that I am going to reveal will help you boost your organic traffic. After a deep study for 2-3 weeks, I have come to these conclusions about search engine optimization in 2018. All these methods that I have performed could be done yourself. So, let’s dive into the depths of SEO techniques for your blog in 2018.

SEO Techniques to boost your organic traffic

Let’s take a look at all possible ways by which you could boost your organic traffic at least by 89%. These techniques are 100% proven and tested. This post is being written after proper study which took almost 47 days. These SEO techniques are the conclusion of studies that are conducted.

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Importance of Shorter URL

When it comes to SEO techniques having a shorten URL could help you a lot. URL is one of the most important parts of an article. The URL that you choose should be short and must have the focus keyword in it. Having the keyword in the URL is very important for your article to rank on searches. The keywords in the URL will help search engines to understand the article. Shorter URL are proved to have more index rate. Studies have proved that shorter URL which is well structured will perform much better than others. Making URL shorter will make it easy for your viewers to remember the post.

Posts with shorter URL are likely to get more shares than long URL. This is because shorter links make the reader a feeling of our overall professionality, this could eventually make them share our post on single prompt. Search engines like Google have told that there is no problem with long URL but studies have ended up in the conclusion that long URLs are less likely to rank. Always keep your URL shorter and well structured, this could help you boost organic traffic by 49%.

Title with More CTR (Click Through Rate)

Click through Rate could change your SEO rating totally to a different level, this is one of the best SEO techniques. In simple the more clicks you get for a specific Keyword will make you rank more on searches for that keyword. For example, if is a website and xyz is the title of a blog post that they have written. You are searching for xyz on Google and you found the website to be the 5th result and you choose it.


Like this, if many people choose for the keyword xyz, will change its position on the search result to upwards. Click rate is really important for ranking higher on searches. Google gives preference to the result that gets more click. If more people choose a particular post for a particular keyword then Google finds that post to be more useful for people and will move that post to the higher position on search results. After all search engines just need their results to be the best and a company like Google would definitely make sure that their results are worth it. Create titles that tent people to click on it.

A secret trick for increasing clicks to your website

Your aim while creating your Title and the meta description should be on attracting people. Now for this, you could use few words that are proven to gain more attention. Studies have proved that these words that I am going to reveal could make a huge impact on your search result and the CTR. Let’s take a look at those words that would produce more CTR.

  • Simple, Today, Right Now, Fast, Works, Step by Step, Easy, Quick.

The above words could help you to increase your click-through rate. Now the next thing is to concentrate on your meta description. Explain that your post is all about and give the visitors a clue on what it is all about. This could bring more clicks to your search result as the majority of the people searching reads the meta description to choose the right article.

Backlinks – Best Link Building Tips


Whenever a post is written on SEO techniques,  Backlinks would be there. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. Link building is the only was to have a better result, even if your content is unique and of great value, backlinks are the backbone of your blog. Without backlinks, you won’t be getting good results. Creating Backlinks is not easy. If you ever have a plan for buying backlinks, never do it. If you are having a new blog without any backlinks and if you buy backlinks al of a sudden then you could get a penalized by Google. So never buy backlinks. The problem is that many don’t know have a proper idea on how to build links to your website.

How to build links to your website?

Creating Infographics

The best way to build backlinks is writing great contents. Yes, writing good contents will make other bloggers link back to you. But in many cases why someone should link to you, that too if it is not that good for their SEO. So, what you could do is create an infographic of the post. Find the blogs according to the search result for your keyword or just find the blog which has niche similar to yours. Email those blog owners and give them your infographics. Give the infographics as embed code and include a link to your blog along with it.

Broken Links

Find broken links from quality blogs and create similar article similar to the article on the broken link with higher quality. Contact the blog owner and let them know of the broken links on their website and provide them your blog post link. This could earn you a high-quality backlink for your website. You could get a new blog post and a backlink and the person linking to your website will get an article to replace their broken link. This is one of the most widely used methods for building backlinks. You could get many paid and free tool to find broken links on a website. You just have to find them, write a post on that topic and get backlinks. Backlinks are the backbones of your website. Go start building Backlinks today itself.

Guest posting

Guest posting another way of building backlink. The problem with Guest posting is that you would have to write quality content that too for other websites. Even though you get a backlink from them in return this is not appreciated by me. I am not saying that Guest posting is wrong or its bad, still it’s not recommended by me because you could utilize that time to create an awesome content on your blog and others would naturally link back to you if your content is worth it. Writing on your blog will increase the amount of content on your blog and this would result in the increasing of your organic traffic. Guest posting is also one of the ways in which you could earn backlinks.

Content with a minimum of 5000 Words

Content is the King

Quality Content is always the best SEO techniques which would never change. It is Very important to have Content with at least 5000 words. Try searching something on Google right now and check the articles that are ranking on the first. Longer contents have more priority on search results. Many bloggers have implemented this in all their posts. Many have a wrong thought that longer contents make the viewers not interested in reading the article. And this is completely wrong, studies have proved that articles with more words are more likely to be read by viewers and has more ranking on searches. Search engines want to make sure that the result that they produce is the best and so they only rank posts after going through a lot of analysis and as a blogger, it’s your responsibility to provide search engines with all those that they require.

Search engines give more preference to content. Your articles should bring value and this would make the search engine to understand that your article is of good quality and this would make them rank your post higher. More content means more value and this would definitely make your post to rank higher.

Long Titles with Proper Keyword’s Titles-with-keywords

The title of a post is deciding almost 50% of your organic traffic. Why? People read the title to understand what your post is all about. Not just people, search engines understand your post through your title tag. The title with proper keywords in it is one of the key factors for search engines on deciding your search ranking. The title without the keyword is not likely to rank. Titles should explain your post as a hole in a maximum of 10 words.

Longer keywords

Keywords, the term itself makes us feel like its smaller in length. After the implementation of Humming Bird Algorithm, long queries are given much importance. Keeping your keyword long could help you have the first position in the search for those searches which matches more. Using long tail keywords is better for ranking for those quires that are longer in length. Not all the searcher is shorter, isn’t it? So, having posts with long tail keywords would help you to rank. Short keywords come with more competition. It would really difficult for a starter to rank for short keywords. Why?

This is because you don’t have enough backlinks to your website. It’s a fact that Short keywords could bring more traffic. The only way to Rank for shorter keywords is Building links to your website.  Give importance for both long and short keywords. this could help you stand out in the crowd.

URL with Keywords


URLs should contain the keyword in them. This is one of the major parts for ranking on search results. The search engines consider the keywords in the URL to understand and rank them. The posts with a keyword in the URL are more likely to rank higher in the searches. Keeping the URL shorter with the keyword in them could rank your website higher.

Use numbers in Title

Titles with numbers on them are more likely to be clicked. Studies have made this clear that the search results that have a number of them have created more clicks. Over 58% of the people searching the web are more likely to go for the results with a number of them. Just adding a number to the title could bring you 58% more visitors to your website. Isn’t that great? Always try to include a number of your title.

Make high-quality contents and Delete low-quality contents

Having 10 high-quality content is far better than creating 100 low quality and less informative contents. Deleting of the low-quality contents that you have already created could help your website to rank better. Many websites have deleted all the low-quality post existed on their websites and have started creating high-quality long contents.

YouTube Videos for Blog

Adding a YouTube video to your blog post could boost your ranking. Isn’t a video more interesting than a long post? People are more likely to watch a video than a reading a long blog post. Search engines provide more preference to posts that have Videos embedded. This is being proved by conducting few types of research.

Just by adding a video to the post the search engines are like to see your post as more engaging and of more value. And if a Video is of 5 minutes and a visitor sow hole the video from your website, what does it mean? Having an increase in the amount of time that the visitor stays on your website is very important. A video could make your visitors feel the post more valuable. What do you prefer Reading a blog post or Watching a Videos? I would go for the Video. So, adding a Video embed to your post could increase your blogs overall SEO by 37%.

Add more Images

Why more images? Do you know that 68% of the visitors don’t just read the article as a hole? They just skim through the headlines, images, captions etc. Adding more images could make your article more engaging. Always people judge the article with its images. Creating images that would provoke them to read more are the best recommended. Having more images increases the traffic to your website. But how? It’s simple, image search. Whenever an exact information that I am looking for is not found, I would just check the images and the video sections too. Why? You could find images that could lead you to the right information. Almost v 29% of the people searching the web are likely to check even the image section. You don’t want to miss the 29% of your visitors, don’t you?

An infographic that explains the entire post, in short, is also great. You could provide the embed code of that infographics and get backlinks. If your infographics are worth, why wouldn’t people embed it on their website?

Engagement with Your Visitors


How to engage with your audience this is one of the SEO techniques which could bring a huge change in your ranking. Well, this is simple, reply every comment, emails, questions and make sure that your audience is happy with your answers. This would make them come back to your website. Would you go to a person who is asking you whether you need any help or would you go to a person who is not replying you? Keep your audiences engaged, be nice to them. Engagements could lead to email signups too. You just have to place a prompt.

Update and Extent Existing Pages

Adding more contents to the existing articles that you have written could improve your websites standard and it could increase the value of the article. Search engines would give preference to the articles that are updated regularly. Not just search engines, will you be liking to read an outdated content? I won’t be reading an outdated content and wasting my time. This field of Blogging is really competitive, Each day the number of people interested in blogging is increasing. Let’s exclude the case of newcomers, there are a lot of websites and competing with those websites won’t be that easy.

Improve Site Loading Speed

Loading speed of a website is really very important for search engines. Not only for search engines, will someone stay on your website if it tools more than 7 seconds to load? If it’s me I would be living that site for sure. This is the case of all most 84% of the visitors to a website.

Concentrate on the website load time. Take your time and find out what affects your websites loading time. There are many online tools for analyzing your website and finding what is affecting your website to load slower. Google too has provided a free tool, you just have to go to it and paste your website URL and analyze. A fully analyzed result will be your output. Proper management of cache would also help the load time. WordPress has a lot of plugins that could help you to manage cache efficiently. Now start working on your websites load time. Even the load time affects your websites growth a lot.

Let’s summarise some of the Very important points in this post on SEO techniques.

SEO Techniques InfoGraphics

Like this InfoGraphics, Embed it on your website now.

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Making these tips practical might be a little difficult task. You should always try to keep them all correct, ranking higher on search results aren’t easy. Follow these top SEO techniques to have a better ranking on search results.

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