Single Topic vs Multi Topic Blog Niche: Which Is Better & Why?

Hello blogger, are you in a dilemma of starting a blog which is a single topic or multi-topic? That’s why you’re here. I am happy to say that, you are in the right place. Let’s see which is better, Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog.

There are plenty of successful multi-topic blogs but those are started way too, years ago. At that time, blogging was so simple that they don’t even have to care about SEO to rank higher. Nowadays, we have to do many optimizations and work hard on contents to rank our blog. As of now, multi-topic blogs cannot be successful but there is a chance of success when it comes to single niche blog.

Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog

What Is Niche?

First of all, you may be thinking what is “niche”. A niche is a topic of your blog. For example, “Blogging” is the niche for this blog and thus we only publish posts about blogging and related topics.

There are plenty of niches out there to choose and get started with blogging. Do not choose a niche which nobody searches for, because you will end up having 0 visitors.

We blog about “Blogging” and we only aim to rank for the keyword “blogging”. As SEO is a part of blogging, we write about that too and this will not make our blog a multi-topic one. We can choose a niche and write about it and also write about related topics but don’t ever go off-topic.

When choosing a niche, you always have to look the search volume a keyword or topic gets. For knowing the relevancy and search volume of the topic you decided, go to Google Trends and check them. You can also compare among different topics and choose one with the most search volume.

Choosing a niche is one of the most crucial stages of starting a blog. So remember, a topic or niche must have a good amount of search volume and you must know about the topic well.

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What Is A Single Topic Blog?

The answer is so simple: “Our Blog”. Our blog is all about blogging and we don’t cover any other topics. For more examples, these blogs are single topic blogs:

  • TechCrunch: Tech
  • Neil Patel: Online Marketing
  • ShoutMeLoud: Blogging
  • Android Authority: Android Tech

The above mentioned are famous blogs which follow single niche.

A single niche blog is more likely to rank higher in search engines. A search engine could assume a blog for ranking in a single keyword if it’s a single topic blog. When it comes to multi-topic blogs, search engines cannot rank in one topic because it covers some random topics.

What Is A Multi Topic Blog?

There are plenty of multi-topic blogs but the only successful ones are started years ago. Some years ago, there were only a few blogs and it was so easy to rank in search engines that they don’t even have to do SEO.

A person reads a blog because he/she likes the niche but when it comes to multi-topic blogs, there is less possibility that the person likes all those topics.

Personally, I read a lot of tech news and my favorites are news about Android. I cannot go to TechCrunch to read about Android news, they cover this topic too but it covers Android and other topics as well. So to read about Android, I go to Android Authority and AndroidHits.

Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog

So here comes the verdict. A single niche blog can rank easily in a certain keyword but only if the keyword has a good search volume. This is why choosing a niche is one of the most crucial parts of blogging.

If you’re about to start a multi-topic blog, let’s consider a blog about Tech & Fashion. As you’re writing posts for both the topics, search engines like Google will be confused whether to rank Fashion or Tech as your major keyword. This is why multi-topic blogs won’t perform well.

When it comes to multi-topic blogs, there is only a 1% chance to make it successful. If it’s a single topic blog, you can rank it by publishing content worthy articles consistently.

Now, what about monetization and earning money?

Single Topic & Multi Topic Blog For Monetization

Here comes your main part. Most of the bloggers do blogging for earning money from it and there are few who consider it as a hobby. If you’re blogging as a hobby, this part is not for you but to get readers, go with single topic blogs.

We are going to talk about getting AdSense approved in both the cases. So, let’s read.

Single Topic blogs can easily be monetized if it has good content worthy articles, good design, and no copyright violation issues. We can easily get our blog monetized if it’s hosted on WordPress.

Now let’s consider a multi-topic blog hosted on WordPress. A multi-topic blog has a less chance to get AdSense approved. In most of the cases, AdSense will consider multi-topic blogs as keyword spamming blogs. As these blogs cover a lot of topics, they will not approve your blog for AdSense.

Through these cases, we could understand that why a single topic blog is always the better and why.

Conclusion on Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog

If you’re about to start a blog, choosing the niche is one of the most crucial parts because the keyword must have a good search volume. Another important part is choosing the right platform. There are plenty of blogging platforms on the Internet and we recommend you to get started with WordPress because it is always the better compared to all others.

The above mentioned are the most important parts of getting started with blogging. Starting a single niche blog won’t make your blog rank higher because Rich Content Is Required. A content worthy blog only ranks higher and search engines are smart enough to organize whether the content of the blog is good or not.

Another thing is Consistency. You should publish posts in a scheduled way that readers should know when a new post comes. If you’re only publishing as you wish, readers will not be satisfied and search engines will not consider your blog as an active and efficient one.

With that being said, Stay Tuned for the next post. Bye! Make sure you leave a comment if you have any doubt or opinion.

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