Single Topic vs Multi Topic Blog Niche: Which Is Better & Why?

single topic vs multi-topic blog

Hello blogger, are you in a dilemma of starting a blog which is a single topic or multi-topic? That’s why you’re here. I am happy to say that, you are in the right place. Let’s see which is better, Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog. There are plenty of successful multi-topic blogs but those are … Read more

Top Benefits Of WordPress – Blogging With WordPress

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is that highest chosen platform for blogging. This is because of the features that WordPress offers bloggers. WordPress is an opensource application, there for a lot of people are helping in developing WordPress and this is one of the Benefits Of WordPress. Now WordPress is the best Content Management System and almost everyone opts for WordPress. … Read more

Secret Behind Google Search Indexing

Spider and Google Search Indexing

The mystery behind Google Search Indexing How Google index web pages? How Google Search Indexing works? In this post, I will be explaining how Google Search Indexing works. Well, Google does it using a program called the Spider. Spiders start fetching from few web pages. Then they follow links(Known as Backlinks) on those sites and … Read more